Qbox Delivery | Notices for Shipping Domestic Packages

Notices for Shipping Domestic Packages

Domestic Parcel Service Explanation

Explanation: Domestic parcels refer to packages sent within the country's borders to various locations. All QBOX (I-Postbox) locations accept and send domestic parcels, following the sending procedures on the QBOX website. Domestic parcels can include enclosed letters, but they should be billed separately, and the term "mixed sending" should be indicated on the cover. Otherwise, if detected, they will be treated as underpaid mail.

Sending: Depending on the distance and transportation conditions, packages should be properly packaged before sending. For valuable items, please send them as registered parcels. Domestic parcels can be sent at the front desk of the i-Postbox.

Restrictions: Weight limit: Each parcel should not exceed 20 kilograms. Size limit: The maximum dimension of any one side should not exceed 45 centimeters, and the sum of length, width, and height should not exceed 105 centimeters. Please leave sufficient space (approximately 5 centimeters in width or height) to facilitate the recipient's handling. Exception: If the contents of the parcel cannot be divided, the weight limit can be flexibly extended to 30 kilograms per parcel, and the size limit can be extended so that no single side exceeds 150 centimeters, with the total perimeter not exceeding 300 centimeters (i.e., 1x length + 2x width + 2x height not exceeding 300 centimeters). Multiple items that are not packaged or sealed as one unit cannot be sent. If you have any questions about size limits, please refer to the i-Postbox postage and compensation standards table.