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Privacy Protection Policy

QBOX (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") Privacy Policy Statement

In respect of customers' personal privacy rights and in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Company's Personal Data Protection Policy, the Company hereby issues the following statement to provide information on the collection, processing, utilization, and protection of personal data of users:

Scope of Application: This policy applies to activities involving the collection, processing, utilization, and international transfer of personal data when users use the Company's provided websites, domains, services, applications, etc. However, when there are specific privacy policies or statements for specific websites or services, those privacy policies or statements will replace or supplement this policy. The Company's website may contain links to other websites or webpages, which are not affiliated with this website and are unrelated to the content or customer data security protection policies of this website.

Declaration of Collection, Processing, and Utilization of Personal Data: For specific purposes such as postal services, postal savings insurance services, agency services, other financial management services, other business registration items, or organizational charter-defined businesses, the Company may collect, process, or use your personal data, including identification, characteristics, social circumstances, and financial details categories. When users simply browse and use the services and information provided by the Company, they do not need to provide personal data unless explicitly informed otherwise. The Company will not obtain users' personal data without their knowledge, and it is based on respecting your rights and complying with relevant laws and regulations. Your personal data will be processed and used in electronic or paper form within or outside the territory of Taiwan for the Company, remittance banks, Financial Information Services Co., Ltd., Joint Credit Card Center, Taiwan Bills Finance Corp., Financial Information Corp., credit card international organizations, acquirers, credit guarantee institutions, outsourced business institutions, and other related organizations and institutions that are not restricted by central competent authorities and for international transfer of personal data. When you choose to become a customer of the Company, a member, or participate in certain activities, the Company may request you to provide some personal data such as your name, age, gender, occupation, contact information, email address, etc. The purpose is to understand customers better and provide better services. When the Company collects, processes, and utilizes personal data, it follows the Company's personal data management goals and policies as guiding principles and has a comprehensive personal data protection and security maintenance plan. Therefore, you can confidently provide your personal data to the Company. The Company will not sell your data to anyone outside the Company, and internal personnel are strictly prohibited from using this data without proper authorization. The Company will closely safeguard the customer's personal data, and anyone must be reasonably authorized to use this data under appropriate circumstances, and the Company will retain relevant usage records.

Rights of Data Subjects: The Company protects the personal data of every customer in accordance with legal regulations. To protect your rights and interests, you can choose freely whether to provide your personal data. If you choose not to provide personal data or provide incomplete data, the Company may not be able to provide you with comprehensive services. In accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, you have the following rights regarding your personal data with the Company's Customer Service Center or branch offices: (1) You may inquire, request to review, or request copies of your personal data, and the Company may charge necessary costs in accordance with the law. (2) You may request supplementation or correction of your personal data, provided that you should provide appropriate explanations in accordance with the law. (3) You may request the Company to stop collecting, processing, or using and request deletion of your personal data. However, the Company may not comply with your request in accordance with the law if it is necessary for the Company to carry out its business.

Data Sharing and Disclosure: The personal data collected by the Company is only used for the purposes and scope that were met at the time of collection. Except in the following circumstances, the Company will not provide your personal data to third parties or use it for other purposes: (1) With your prior consent. (2) When it is necessary to share your data with a third party to provide the product or service you requested. (3) To comply with legal requirements or government requests. (4) When your use violates the service agreement of the Company or specific usage regulations for other products or services. (5) When you participate in opinion exchanges or public discussion forums on the Company's website and provide an email address for interaction and communication purposes. This information may be used by other users for communication purposes over the Internet. Such behavior is beyond the control of the Company, and the Company is not responsible if it causes you trouble.

Automated Data Collection Tools: When you browse the Company's website and use personalized settings and member services, the website may place a cookie (a small text file) on your computer for a single visit only. This cookie does not contain data sufficient to identify personal information (such as name, phone number, address, or email address) and only records data such as your personalized homepage settings. Once you close the webpage, this cookie becomes ineffective. The Company's web server can only read activity records of users on this website and cannot read your activity records on other websites. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can exclude them using your browser settings. However, in doing so, you may not be able to enjoy personalized settings and member-related services provided by the website. When you visit the Company's website, the website server automatically records user activities on the Company's website, such as the webpages you read and the domain names from which users come. This information is used for internal reference purposes only, such as content and system improvement, website traffic analysis, website behavior investigations, etc. This information does not involve personal identity information, only for internal reference use, to perform overall data statistical analysis to improve the quality of the Company's website services.

Information Security Statement: Due to the transmission of Internet data, 100% security cannot be guaranteed. The Company will use reasonable technology and procedures to maintain the security of all personal data. In some cases, this website uses the widely used SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) mechanism to ensure the security of data transmission. Additionally, the Company adopts appropriate network security protection mechanisms (such as firewalls) to ensure that your data is rigorously protected. To protect your privacy and security, please be sure to regularly update your antivirus software, and please safeguard any personal data, codes, or passwords you have. Do not provide any personal data, especially passwords, to anyone or any other organization. If you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, please remember to close the browser window after use to prevent others from accessing your personal data.

Changes to this Policy: To adapt to changes in the social environment and legal regulations and to keep pace with technological advances, the Company may, based on the consideration of protecting customers' personal data, amend this Privacy Protection Policy when necessary. The amended policy will become effective after being announced on the website of Chunghwa Post Global Information.

Suggestions and Consultations on Privacy Protection Policy: If you have any questions about the Company's Privacy Protection Policy, Personal Data Protection Policy, or any matters related to personal data, please contact us through the suggestion box or the Customer Service Center.